Friday, December 24, 2010

Wolf People - Steeple

Psychedelic space rock folk band...sounds interesting..but they're really great.  Check out their track Tiny Circles for the most epic flute riff ever!  Jethro Tull eat your heart out!


Lüger - Lüger

Lüger is a psychedelic/space rock/kraut rock band from Spain.

Pombagira - Baron Citadel

Tracklist : 

1. Causeway Charred
2. Baron Citadel
3. Seals of Grace 
4. Corporeal Altar

Ortega - 1634

Ortega from the north of the Netherlands releases their first album '1634' in 100 handmade copies. The album tells the story of a shepherd who is stranded on the Spanish coast and tries to remember his experiences. Every song is a recollection of important moments of his story.

Fister - Fisted Sister (demo)

01. First
02. Blood Bong
03. Chemo Thunder
04. Trainwrecked

Black Land - Extreme Heavy Psych

Track list

1 Psych No.1 
2 Black Wizard 
3 Life and Death 
4 Drowning Deeply 
5 R 'n R Bite 
6 Holy Weed of the Cosmos 
7 From the Black to the Rainbow 
8 Victims of the Cast

Cementerio - Cementerio

1. Renacer Libre de Culpa 8:14 
2. Cielo y Resplandor 4:06 
3. Aceptación 6:57 
4. Briznas de Hierba 4:32 
5. Más Que la Suma de Sus Partes 5:29 
6. Pregúntale al Polvo 4:15 
7. Ráfagas Ante Tus Ojos 4:42

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cojones - Sunrise

Track Listing :

1.Clearing Potion
6.Mescaline Sunrise
8.Astral Queen

Lord of Doubts - Lord of Doubts

All the way from Russia with love doom.  Ton of Electric Wizard worship going on in this album.  Nevertheless, it sounds great and is now part of my regular band rotation.  Check them out


Labirinto - Anatema

01. Reverso
02. Incendiarios
03. Chromo
04. Huo Yno
05. Flagelo
06. Anatema

Abramakabra - The Imaginarium

Coming from avant-garde prog doom metal fusion going on here that is nearly impossible to describe, its heavy but the songs are maybe too abstract.  I enjoyed about 90% of the album...hence why I am posting's worth a listen!


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