Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Entrance Band - I Want You

The Entrance Band's cover of The Troggs released on a 7".  Did I mention how sexy Paz is while playing bass to this song...delicious!


The Entrance Band - Prayer of Death

Just posting more of The Entrance Band.  This band has been blowing my mind since discovering them earlier this year.  If you have the chance to see them live go go go!!


The Fierce And The Dead - If It Carries On Like This We're Moving

The Fierce And The Dead are trio of friends who have been playing together for more than ten years, helping each other in different bands, and also as solo artists. This project actually was created after a recording session which was intended to be part of a Matt Stevens’ (guitars) solo album, but they decided to create a new band with an own style and sound.

Bongmoth - 1.618

Spawned in 2005 from Ballarat Australia. Bongmoth is an epic that is hard to describe. The music was born from the name which was at the time funny but also had great heavy doom and unpredictable undertones to it.  So it was that which grew from a simple word to the sound. Bongmoth is low, heavy and euphoric, to outright destruction.

Urania - Carpathian Woodoo

Urania is delivering some instrumental stoner jams from Hungary. Carpathian Woodoo is just jammed pack with tasty grooves and solid guitar work.  Check these guys out now!


Lonely Kamel - Dust Devil

Lonely Kamel's latest album filled with nice bluesy stoner rock. This band just keeps getting better and better with every release.

1. Grim Reefer
2. Evil Man
3. Blues For The Dead
4. Rotten Seed
5. Seventh Son
6. The Prophet
7. Ragnarokr
8. Roadtrip With Lucifer
9. Hard To Please
10. Whorehouse Groove

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Summer Bacchanalia - Volume II

Summer Bacchanalia is an Italian psych/stoner jam band.  It has an oldschool 70s vibe, which is good thing.  This is one to burn one to and get out of your head for fifty one minutes and let SB take you on a journey to the clouds!


Lord of The Grave - Raunacht

Lord of The Grave's debut Ranuacht serves up full serving of heavy fuzzy doominess that will leave you screwed, blued, and tattooed!

Track List
1 Holy Vitus
2 Ghosts Of The Pyre
3 Lord of the Grave

4 Bardo
5 Raunacht

Kaleidoscope - Kaleidoscope

Australia's heavy psych three piece "Kaleidoscope" unleashes twenty three minutes of solid psychedelic induced jams.


King Bong - How I Learned To Stop Worrying And To Love The Bong

This Italian stoner/psych rock band's debut effort has some pretty stoney jams.  Burn some trees with King Bong now!


Iron Witch - Single Malt

Iron Witch are a Sludge Metal band from Liverpool, England who formed in early 2010. Their ‘whiskey soaked’, bluesy riffs and throat scorched vocals, tip the hat to the likes of Eyehategod, Black Sabbath and Sleep.


Electric Moon - Inferno

Electric Moon sets out on a spacey acid psychedelic trip and the listener is riding shotgun...


Necropharmacon - Prisoner Of Experience

Indianapolis based space-doom rock quad NecroPharmacon spontaneously appeared from the womb of a black planet in late 2004. The members assemble their assorted tastes in music and bend and twist their wills until encouraging combinations of sound and space are delivered.

Lonely Kamel - Blues For The Dead

Lonely Kamel's 2010 sophomore effort....great stoner rock with thick wah riffages!

1. A Tale of a Madman
2. Green Eyed Woman
3. Wasted Time
4. Stick with Your Plan
5. Lady Mushroom
6. A Million Years from Home
7. No More Excuses
8. Blindfolded
9. The Boys
10. The Trip

Saturday, October 15, 2011

One Inch Giant - Malva

I don't know what's in the waters in Sweden but they've been producing some great musical talent lately.  In this case I'm talking about One Inch Giant.  "Malva" is OIG's debut album and it is filled with excellent guitar work backed up with a hard hitting drum & bass section.  This album got my head moving from the first track til the last.  Upon listening to the album I imagined if Alice & Chains and Dozer ever had a love child One Inch Giant would be it.  Tottaly bizarre right?  Perhaps, but it works....really well in this case.

Listen and Buy Here

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ghost - Opus Eponymous

Ghost is a retro-doom metal band formed 2008 in Sweden. Ghost is the name of a devil worshipping ministry that - in order to spread their unholy gospels and, furthermore, trick mankind into believing that the end is ultimately a good thing - have decided to use the ever so popular rock music medium as a way to achieve their ends.

Devil - Time To Repent

Devil is a retro doom band from Norway. Time to Repent is their debut full length album.

1. The Welcome (Intro)
2. Break the Curse
3. Blood Is Boiling
4. Time to Repent
5. Crazy Woman
6. Open Casket
7. Death of a Sorcerer
8. At the Blacksmith's
9. Howling (At the World)
10. Howling pt. II (Outro)

Black Cobra - Invernal

Black Cobra's new album...get it now!

1. Avalanche
2. Somnae Tenebrae
3. Corrosion Fields
4. The Crimson Blade
5. Beyond
6. Erebus Dawn
7. Abyss
8. Obliteration

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Catapult The Smoke - Unearthed & Born In Fire

Another Swedish stoner rock band that is continually kicking my ass with some heavy as riffs and great songs.  This is for fans of Kyuss.  I'll leave the description in the hands of the band....."Catapult The Smoke brings you heavy ass stoner rock from the deep forests of Sweden.".....and I agree 100% with that quote!

Unearthed - 2009
Born In Fire - 2011

Mammatus - The Coast Explodes

I already posted the Northern Californian stoner/psych rock band Mammatus's debut album which you can find here.  The Coast Explodes is their follow up album which was released in 2007.


Obiat - One Tree Pi & Emotionally Driven Disturbulence

Obiat is a London-Reading based 4 piece, playing mesmerizing, hypnotic metal, with characteristic soulful vocals. Psychodelic almost trance-like atmosphere mixed with heavy riffs

Emotionally Driven Disturbulence - 2005
One Tree Pi - 2009


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