Sunday, November 27, 2011

Morkobot - Morbo

"Morkobot’s three components (drums and two bass guitars) often manage to play three rhythms across eachother simultaneously, in a complex mesh of snare crack, cymbal crash, staccato low-end grumbles and effected harmonics. Sometimes the bass guitars attack eachother – locked into vicious stabs of call-and-response – while other times they run in begrudging unison, thickening each riff into an overload of distortion." - ATTN Magazine

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapors - Spectra Spirit

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor” incorporates spacey fuzz rock, cavernous reverb, haunting vocals, and a strong drum and bass backbone to lock it all together. The band draws on such influences as Spacemen 3, BRMC, T-Rex, and Joy Division.

Windhand - Windhand

Windhand unleashes 42 minutes of pure doom excellence.  Not too shabby for being their debut LP.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Russian Circles - Empros

Russian Circles is a three piece instrumental post-rock/post-metal band from Chicago. The band plays epic, sprawling music which runs the gamut of heavy discordant metal to soft delicate passages.

Kamchatka - Bury Your Roots

This is one trip you can’t afford to miss. Fans of late 60s - early 70s heavy guitar riffage will freak out when they crank this one up. You’ll think you just stepped out of the Wayback machine!

Apache Dropout - Apache Dropout

Apache Dropout has one directive - “A Call To The Wild” some would say… a fuzz drenched sonic assult - shocking lost souls into a Frenzied Lysergic Boogie!

The Cult of Dom Kellar - EP1, EP2 & EP3

"Dom Keller sound like they've fallen from the back of Ken Kesey's legendary LSD loaded magic bus, down 'n' dirty slabs of fried freak beat are sumptuously decoded within a swamp infested heavy beatnik chassis, part acid laced shade wearing psyche and part heavy stoner goo, a wasted baby laced with hazy 60's sourced keys and looping gridlocked riffs of mind expanding proportions; a blissed out frenzied fuzz laced tripping haze and bone rattling f**k you,a bludgeoned blues bastardisation spewed out by a tranced out Brian Jonestown Massacre amid an impenetrably squalling sonic wall feedback fisticuffs with a volatile 13th Floor Elevators"

The Devil's Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre

The Devil's Blood return with their second full length album and this album is killer!  Not much more needs to be said.


bonus Fire Burning Single

Green & Wood - Devil's Plan

Green & Wood is a relatively new band in the Los Angeles doom/stoner metal scene.  They bring a fresh take on the ozzy/sabbath worship like other bands such as Orchid.  Check out their limited latest release..

01. Devil's Plan
02. Blind Seer
03. Black Light Magix
04. Anteroom
05. W.S.S.I.T.W.
06. Siren
07. Spurs Of IDA
08. Pillars Of Creation
09. Sages And Fools
10. Creeping Veil

Le Scimmie - Dromomania

The Italian duo "Le Scimmie" was born in the colorful spring of 2007 in Vasto, a seaside town in central Italy.  The ideas of the project are: guitar, drums, minimal power, raw sound.
In the winter of 2007 they recorded their first ep called "L'Origine Ep" that gets excellent support from the Italian press. 
2008: the band reached the final at one of major Italian music festival called "Italia Wave" and remains on tour for about a year.  After a year of silence, in January 2011, Le Scimmie released their first album entitled "Dromomania".


Blueneck - Repetitions

Blueneck is back with their latest release, "Repetitions". A beautiful 9 track album that is highly recommended!

01. Pneumothorax
02. Sawbones
03. Venger
04. Sleeping Through A Storm
05. Una Salus Victus
06. Ellipsis
07. Barriers Down
08. The Last Refuge
09. Lopussa

Sunday, November 6, 2011

1000mods - Super Van Vacation

Psychedelic Stoner Doom from Hiliomodi, Greece

1.Road To Burn
2.7 Flies
3.El Rolito
4.Set You Free
6.Navy In Alice
7.Track Me
9.Abell 1835
10.Super Van Vacation

Samsara Blues Experiment - Revelation & Mystery

Get it while it's hot....

01. ...
02. Flipside Apocalypse
03. Hangin' on the Wire
04. Into the Black
05. Thirsty Moon
06. Outside Insight Blues
07. Zwei Schatten I'm Schatten
08. Revelation & Mystery

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Otehi - Noisy Spirit

3 piece stoner/psych/doom from Italy.  

01. Monolith & Monolith
02. Noisy Spirit part I
03. Noisy Spirit part II
04. Noisy Spirit part III
05. Leave Your Spirit
06. Savage Land
07. Desert Rider


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