Sunday, February 27, 2011

Radare - Infinite Regress

Radare are a sludge/post-metal band from Germany with a very unique sound. They’re mixing heavy and dark parts with even darker but slower jazzy elements that might remind you of Bohren.


The (Fallen) Black Deer - Requiem

The first release for The (Fallen) Black Deer is out on Southern Records as part of their Latitudes sessions. These sessions consist of one day in the Southern Studios in which as much was done as possible and include other bands like White Magic, Grails and Miasma & The Carousel Of Headless Horses. This instrumental album was created as an alternative soundtrack to Kubrick's The Shining, and combines post-rock, post-metal and sludge.


1. What Are Fears But Voices Airy?
2. Through the Dark Night and The Deepest Snow
3. Things of The Past and Yet to Come
4. This Axe is Restless
5. Hidden
6. Such Heroes Have Lived 
7. I Seek To Kill My Son
8. These Halls are Full of Blood
9. A Love Lost 
10. Eternal Dust of the Dust

Olde Growth - Olde Growth

"Several years in the making, Olde Growth’s self-titled debut weighs in with thick, heavy slabs of sludge, raw brutal energy, monolithic riffs and vocals that run the gamut from piercing screams to soft, nuanced and melodic. Amplifier drone fills the gaps between cuts which, massive like the Redwood giants, block out the sun and engulf all that lies within the radius of their shadow."


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Megaton Leviathan - Megaton Leviathan

Megaton Leviathan is a drone/ metal band from Portland, Oregon that was started by A. Costa and Matt Brim. Costa and Brim began writing and recording songs in their basement in the fall of 2007. Since it’s inception Costa kept Megaton Leviathan’s sound dark and austere layered with eerie, cryptic vocals.

Heliotropes - III

"Heliotropes describe their sound as “poppy doom.” That moniker works better than anything I’d pull out, so I’m going to run with it. Principally, I like the potential for double entendre there. The inclination is to think “poppy” as in Justin Timberlake, but the label works just as well if you think “poppy” as in lotus eaters. Heliotropes hit both connotations, with a distinct ear for what makes the toe tap and an eye on swirling, psychotropic freakouts. " -

Elu Of The Nine - S/T

Elu of the Nine is a drone/doom metal band made up of members of Münn and Hell, as well as Romanian harsh noise artist Albino. They have released one demo on Woodsmoke.

MÖBIUS - Path of Nothingness

MÖBIUS is a Slovakian sludgy jam band that consists of a guitarist and a drummer.  There's not much more I know about them other than they sound great for being only two guys in the band.


Völva - Völva

Völva is a stoner/doom band from Akureyri, Iceland.
Völva was founded in October-November 2008.
The band members change their instruments between songs so the band has many different characters.
The band focuses on spiritual subjects and alternative religions. The band members are all practicing pagans and that often has a clear effect on their songs' theme.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colour Haze - All

Colour Haze are a contemporary three-piece Germanstoner rock/ psychedelic rock band, at least in the literal sense. The band’s current lineup includes Stefan Koglek (vocals/guitar), Manfred Merwald (drums) and Philipp Rasthofer (bass). Hailing from Munich, they follow in the tradition of other classic rock trios such as Cream, Grand Funk Railroad and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Black Sheep Wall - I Am God Songs

Black Sheep Wall is an Experimental/Post Metal/Progressive Metal artist from Los Angeles, California.

Uprising Fomalhaut - Uprising Fomalhaut

Uprising Fomalhaut is an unsigned post-rock band from the Ukraine.  For fans of GY!BE, ISIS and Red Sparowes.


Sihr - Beneath The Twelve Mile Zone

Heavy sludge stoner doom coming from Tempe, Arizona.  I dig these guys and hope you guys will too.

Track list
1. Russian Legs 06:43 
2. Comes With The Territory 05:15 
3. Working With Knots 04:15 
4. Running Wild 05:06 
5. Unbecoming Misdeeds 05:28 
6. Kumari Kandam 10:26

Devil Riding Shotgun - Demo

This up and coming doom/stoner metal trio lays a foundation of heavy grooves & catchy riffs. Neb’s mesmerizing vocals bring to mind legendary singers such as Glenn Danzig and Maynard James Keenan.

Originally formed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Neb Fixico (bass/vocals) relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2009. Here he recruited Portland native Brian Hunter (guitar) and New England transplant, Brad Lewellyn (drums), to form the current DRS lineup.

The Proselyte - The Proselyte

The Proselyte was formed in late 2006 in Boston by Alec Rodriguez (drums/lead vox), Nicholas Wolf (guitars/ b.vox), Brad Macomber(bass/noises), and Mitchell Belch(guitars/b.vox). The debut s/t album combines the riff heavy sludge of The Melvins with the haunting melodies of Alice In Chains.

Wizard Smoke - Live Rock In Hell

Wizard Smoke is a “doom” band from Atlanta, GA. It features members of the bands Maserati, Dust Rabbit, and Cassavetes, among others.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Birushanah - Akai Yami

Birushanah mixes metal percussion with Japanese traditional scale and extreme genres of metal, much in the vein of the most experimental works of Corrupted (Jpn).

Baba Yaga - Taker of Souls

Here is some pretty rare stuff for you guys.  Baba Yaga was an all female doom metal band from the Pacific Northwest.  Their demo was limited to 100 copies.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fields of Locust - Subtopia

Fields of Locusts is a post-rock/sludge band from Greece.  Subtopia is a beautifully crafted album.  Please support these guys anyway you can as this is their debut album.
01. The Province Of Thieves
02. Wolves...
03. ...Under A Hunter's Moon
04. An Entrance To Altered Mondtrips
05. Momentary Lapse
06. Fog

Nadja - Discography

I already have a few of Nadja's albums on here...I though it would be time to put the rest of my collection up.

Body Cage
Desire To Uneasiness
We Have Departed The Circle Blissfully
Split with Fear Falls Burning
Truth Becomes Death
Skin Turns To Glass
Guilted By The Sun
Split with Moss
Nadja with Netherworld - Magma to Ice

Red Fang - Red Fang

From the bands bio -
Residing somewhere between Black Flag and Black Sabbath, Red Fang recall a time when rock was more urgent and horrifying. Synthesizing a variety of heavy music influences into their own distinct musical identity, the band easily shifts from barn-burning punk to mid-tempo, hyper-distorted bass destruction all while maintaining a cohesive sound. Red Fang create gigantic rock songs that are easy to listen to (not easy listening, mind you) and qualify the simultaneous usage of both the thinking and the banging head, which are usually mutually exclusive. Their instrumentation is fluid and effortless, and the vocals are delivered melodically and forcefully, with enough rasp and effect saturation to fit nicely within the music. Paired with elemental imagery, the lyrics are immense and satisfying without any pretense.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mühr - Shepherd/Blood EP

Coming from Amsterdam, Mühr's Sheperd/Blood is a two track EP from collaborators Menno Bakker and Jevin de Groot.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Doom in June Festival

More info at their facebook Doom In June

Orthodox - Matse Avatar

From Orthodox's myspace:

"“Matse Avatar” is a warrior call powered by throbbing bass and circular riffing, evoking both OM and Amon Düll II leading galactic troops on their way to invade planet Earth with a subtle Rush reference thrown in the pot (can you spot it?), its flipside “YHVH” goes the exact opposite way, an almost contemplative instrumental of delicate beauty in pure Earth-style, like the calm before the storm."


Aun - VII

Aun would be the result if Nadja and Jesu had "relations."  Yes, it is actually that good.  Great drone, psych and sludgy atmospheric assaults on your ears!


Eibon - Entering Darkness

Eibon is a 5 pieces act featuring drowning bass player, Stephane Rivière and guitarist Georges Balafas on vocals. along with Jerome Lachaud, who was Stephane’s former bandmate & drummer in the french legendary doom-metal pioneer Garden of Silence. Jerome was also part of the Doom veterans astral rising. The line-up was completed by longtime friend Max Hedin on guitars and more recently, by Guillaume Taliercio on guitars.

Bossk - 1

Bossk are a band formed in Ashford, United Kingdom in 2005. Following their 2006 debut release, .1 , on the QnotQ label they toured extensively with a number of bands, including Cult Of Luna, The Ocean, Yndi Halda, Baroness, Capricorns and The Hope Conspiracy.  They have since been broken up as of 2008.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Home - Home EP

HOME is an Austrian sludge/hardcore/stoner trio that was founded in 2009.  They sent me their music as a request to help spread the good word.  Here I am spreading the good word my friends.

Blueneck - The Fallen Host

the link was taken down by request

Blueneck - Scars of the Midwest

Formed in 2000, Blueneck are a reclusive four-piece based in North Somerset. Beginning their career on the West Country’s thriving live circuit, the band steadily dropped conventional gigging in favor of a mostly studio environment, where their music has been allowed to evolve in a direction unrestricted by what can be readily produced on stage. Steering away from structured songwriting, Blueneck’s music has developed into a cinematic soundscape of ambient atmospherics, dark skeletal rhythms and swirling crescendos, all created with analogue synths, sparse piano and huge, soaring guitars.



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