Friday, April 22, 2011

Valser - City

"Valser is a three-piece doom / post metal band from the Netherlands. Their sound is mainly discordant with a strong focus on rhythm, alternated with some heavy atmospheric parts."


Dark Castle - Spirited Migration

"Florida’s sludge two-piece Dark Castle first appeared in 2008 with an elaborately packaged self-released demo (Flight of the Pegasus) that garned a good deal of favorable attention from the metal press and other bands (including Relapse Records’ Minsk). It is easy to see why this unsigned band turned so many heads, as there are several obvious elements that separate them from their peers."

Across Tundras - Old World Wanderer

Across Tundras is Tanner Olson, Dan Catron, and Matt Shively. Brewing heavy psychedelic jams in the hills of Tennessee; Across Tundras seamlessly melds classic rock, folk, country, psychedelia, and doom into songs that defy classification.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Widowland - Widowland

Another stoner rock group from Russia.  Nothing new here, generic riffs that work but the vocals are less desirable.  Regardless, I find myself listening to Widowland when I get burnt out listening to what is on my normal musical rotation.


Undersmile - A Sea Of Dead Snakes EP

"Undersmile are a Female-Fronted Sludgecore band from Oxford, England. They are-Taz Corona-Brown on Vocals and Guitars, Hel Sterne on Vocals and Lead Guitars, Olly Corona-Brown on Bass Guitars and Tom McKibbin on Drums. They grew up to the strains of Melvins, Mudhoney, Hole, Babes In Toyland etc and are influenced by the slow/heavy sound of the early 90’s as well as bands such as Harvey Milk, Swans, Pissed Jeans…" -

The Atlas Moth - A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky

"Hailing from Chicago, The Atlas Moth take their bluesy hometown roots and combine that with New Orleans stylesludge & 60s psychedelic. Gritty and raw, yet thought out and insightful. If you grew up living in a swamp wearing a Black Sabbath T-Shirt and ate nothing but fried chicken, this is your band."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Boris - New Album

Boris gets a little too poppy for my liking in this new release.


Queen Elephantine - Kailash

Queen Elephantine first started out in hong kong, moved to NYC. Very unique sense of psych drone, lots of chanting vocals, lots of tabla and sitar, all very ambient and spiritual and psychedelic.

1. Search For The Deathless State
2. Gloaming
3. -
4. The Vulture And The Creed
5. Priest
6. Godblood
7. Khora


Orchid - Capricorn

More Sabbath worshipping doom with Orchid's 2011 release "Capricorn".


Orchid - Through The Devil's Doorway

Sabbath like doom..with a dash of cathedral


Fister - Bronsonic

Here is some quality sludge/doom metal from St. Louis.
1. Bronsonic 06:17
2. Santabbath 05:42
3. Mazda Of Puppets 06:18
4. First 03:22
5. Trainwrecked 11:27
6. Riff Glacier (Demo '09) 07:12

Carlton Melton - Pass It On

"Finally, a psychedelic band that successfully crosses generations, appealing equally to old school bong-bubblers, kinky krautrockers and the new school of psychedelic stooges. Can-style jams, trance-inducing drones and Ummagumma-era Pink Floyd ambiance may be the foundation here but these improv jams easily break from the tether of their influences and soar righteously through the stratosphere. Freak out..." -

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kill My Bleeding Smile - Kill My Bleeding Smile

Band from Japon They Plays Sludge Doom Metal whit Post Rock Elements very Atmospheric and melancholiac,This band is highly recommended!


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