Saturday, October 15, 2011

One Inch Giant - Malva

I don't know what's in the waters in Sweden but they've been producing some great musical talent lately.  In this case I'm talking about One Inch Giant.  "Malva" is OIG's debut album and it is filled with excellent guitar work backed up with a hard hitting drum & bass section.  This album got my head moving from the first track til the last.  Upon listening to the album I imagined if Alice & Chains and Dozer ever had a love child One Inch Giant would be it.  Tottaly bizarre right?  Perhaps, but it works....really well in this case.

Listen and Buy Here

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  1. I love your blog your on my blogroll. If possible add me to yours here's a actual download for the album for promotional purposes (The BlogSpot Link Above ^^).



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