Saturday, March 17, 2012

End of the line

It is with great sadness that I have to post this.  It appears that Mediafire, who hosts 100% of my files, has went ahead and locked my account.  All my files have been lost or deleted.  It was a great couple years sharing my musical interests with all of you.  So I will leave you the same way I entered the fray...



  1. What a sad news. Mine will surely have the same treatment soon since I use the same uploader. These bastards don't understand that we contribute to keel music alive and not to kill it. When the net will be a police cleaned and cupid kingdom, the golden age will be finished.
    Sorry for this end. You'll be missed.
    dk (Forgotten songs)

  2. We (your junkheads) will miss you..i never would've found ufesus, black spiders, lonely kamel or mammatus without your site...i'm sorry the gov't doesn't understand...R.I.P. SUPERJUNKHEAD :/
    dkelvin is right

  3. Mediafire did the same to me but that doesnt mean its the end. There is still a world of music out there that wants to be shared the way we have been sharing all music.

    1. You're right...I've had time to think about it and by stopping means they've won...I will return in the next few weeks..I have a ton of work ahead of me!!

  4. Sad to see you go. One of my fave blogs. Hope to find you again in some form in the future. Thanks for the cool tunes.
    - H

  5. if they don't own it, they can't stop it.
    empowerment to the bands: cut out the middle men and just deal with the fans.

  6. What about zzzipshare,ypllllllllllllllllllöööööööööööööööad, jumbofiles, rapidalligitarooaaarrr, or any of the other many hostingsites? Start a superjunkhead on detox blog with only new postings.What is lost is lost, cant dwell on the past...dont cry over spilled milk...
    Dont let them win is well the most importantfactor. Or soon well be back to secret ftp only for the E-Lite.leet,1337... fuck that!!!



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